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A space built for teaching and learning

Modern teaching tools at your fingertips create an engaging and fun learning experience.

HiLink Virtual Classroom: A space built for teaching and learning

Grab students' attention, and keep it

Take full control of your teaching using our interactive tools 

HiLink Virtual Classroom: Co-presenter


Bring students into the lesson by giving them the spotlight.

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Media player

Play Powerpoint, Youtube, and all your media from one place.


Highlight, add notes, and draw together. Make your teaching materials come to life.

Learn better, together

A collaborative digital learning space to drive teamwork

HiLink Virtual Classroom: Whiteboard


Empower teachers to clarify ideas and students to practice what they learned.

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Breakout groups

Increase engagement in larger classes by creating small discussion groups.

Instant meeting & Chat

Communicate easily with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Measure learning outcomes

Teach, assess, and improve

HiLink Virtual Classroom: In-class Quiz & Poll

Quizzes & Polls

Check knowledge retention and help students demonstrate.

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Quickly track student attendance to streamline your class management.


Allow students to express themselves and raise their hands.

Tech that supports you,
not the other way around

HiLink Virtual Classroom: To-dos & Calendar

To-dos & Calendar

Fill in your class calendar automatically. Keep your teaching plan on track.

HiLink Virtual Classroom: Course & User management

Course & User management

Easily create classes and

invite students in minutes.

Files & Recordings

HiLink Virtual Classroom: Files and recordings

Centralize all files and recordings

Stay organized with ease.

HiLink Virtual Classroom: Class reminders

Class reminders

Send out reminders in one click,

leave no student behind.

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Ready to explore the next-generation
learning ecosystem?
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