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Your next class, reimagined

AI-powered virtual classroom and lesson planning

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For organizations

For teachers

Trusted by educators from 2000+ schools & districts worldwide

Trusted in 129 countries.

10x faster lesson planning.

Loved by 3,000,000+ users.

33% higher student satisfaction.

Our products

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AI Lesson Planner

Save 75% more time before class by letting AI generate high quality personalized lesson plans for your class

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AI Slides Generator

Create captivating presentations in seconds, transforming ideas into class materials

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Interactive Whiteboard

Spark classroom collaboration and foster creativity to engage students with lesson materials

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Virtual Classroom

Connect and teach in a dynamic learning environment full of powerful teaching tools

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AI Activity Generator

Increase student engagement by creating fun and novel in-class activities

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AI Transcription &
After-class Summary

Automatically capture and summarize key lesson points to create parent or admin-facing communication

Educators across 129 countries trust HiLink
for their teaching needs.



Linsome, Math Tutor

“HiLink has all the features I need for online teaching."

Steve, National Board Certified Elementary Teacher

“The platform has a modern, refreshing look. I was impressed by the home page which is simple and user-friendly."

Hannah, Language Tutor

“Unlike other apps that require downloading beforehand, the web-based platform makes my tutoring more efficient by allowing me to start all classes with a single click."

Grace, Language Tutor

“The interface is user-friendly. I love the variety of teaching tools available and the ease of using them, which makes the virtual classroom experience engaging and seamless."

Ana, Online English Teacher

“I like the reward system. It's super user-friendly from the get-go. You don't need a guide to use the tools. I also appreciate the timer, pool, dice, and lesson-planning tools. It's educator-focused and really useful."

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Empower Teachers, Delight Students

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The easiest lesson planning ever

Create exceptional lesson plans with simple steps. Elevate curriculum quality and reduce workload with the ultimate AI-powered teaching assistant.

Enrich your class
preparation effortlessly

Engage intuitive chatbot for customized assessments, extra learning resources, and interactive in-class activities. Making your classes vibrant and engaging is now seamless and hassle-free.

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Smart planning,
smarter teaching

Never juggle class prep and teaching platforms again. With lesson content and teaching tools automatically synchronized, instructors can focus on what truly matters - teaching.

Your most interactive online class ever

Feel frustrated by low student engagement? Use HiLink's modern teaching tools to spark your connection, communication, and creation. Watch student interaction and retention soar.

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Are you a large organization?

Contact our experts to explore
the best solution for your institution.

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