One virtual learning space for all needs

Easier to manage, teach and learn. And affordable, too.

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Why HiClass?

Spend less, do more, have fun

For classrooms of any size

Designed for the most innovative institutions around the world — private schools, professional coaching services, tutoring centers, school districts, online learning centers, and more.

Efficiency across the board

For admins, directors, IT technicians: higher user engagement and better management within your budget

For educators: better user design to help you get real work done with less time wasted on troubleshooting

For students: real-time collaboration that makes online learning more enjoyable than ever

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Customize HiClass for your organization

HiClass is an open hub for custom plug-ins with enhanced capabilities and the latest features to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Used by 35 innovative schools around the world

“It is a wonderful experience cooperating with HiLink. The customizable HiClass platform has been a great help to the SAGE China competition and has created a positive impression on all participants. We look forward to working with HiLink to support more aspects of SAGE in the near future.“

Candy Tang

SAGE China Coordinator

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See HiClass in action

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