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The smartest way to build lesson plans

Use AI to build quality lesson plans in seconds.

HiLink AI Lesson Planner: Use AI to build quality lesson plans in seconds.

Plan your classes

10x faster

5000+ subjects


Lessons for

any age group

How it works

HiLink AI Lesson Planner: Enter class information

Enter class information

Generate a lesson in seconds.


Polish and Publish

Add engaging in-class activities and content.

HiLink AI Lesson Planner: Teach with confidence

Teach with confidence

Teach classes with all

materials at your fingertips.

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HiLink AI Lesson Planner: Polish and Publish
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Tanya, Private Tutor

“Simply provide a few keywords about what my students need to learn, and a customized class is created for me. It's a wonderful solution that makes my life much easier. I'm sure many teachers would love this tool as much as I do."
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