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Say Hi to the Link to a world of possibilities

We want to do well by doing good. Building an intelligent learning ecosystem for the next generation of global citizens is our goal, starting with our flagship product HiLink — a video conferencing and collaboration platform crafted for education.

Our mission

Accessible education for online learners wherever they are

HiLink strives to provide all learners equal access to high-quality education through technology.

Regardless of location or educational background, every curious mind should have a fair chance to learn and grow into the best version of themselves.

Modern solutions designed with empathy and research

At HiLink, we are educators and students, too. We bring empathy and rigorous research into defining problems and designing the best product for all.

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Dedication to the world of education

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The story of HiLink

Founder story

Our founder Kelvin was born in China and grew up in rural Hainan. Because of limited educational resources throughout rural China, he began to fall behind academically. 


When he first moved to Shanghai, he witnessed how far ahead Shanghai students were due to the national gap in education quality.

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At age 13, Kelvin volunteered at an elementary school in a rural area that faced one of the worst earthquakes in China’s recent history.


The disaster further impacted their already poor access to educational and teaching resources, holding the village back from receiving a first-class education found mostly in big cities.

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The origin of HiLink

In 2017, Kelvin received funding from Citigroup, which accelerated HiLink's vision and marked our first major milestone.

Kelvin's early life experience inspired HiLink's mission to provide equal opportunities to students in remote areas through technology.

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Where we are

In 2019, HiLink became a service company in the U.S., providing online classes to tens of thousands of students in remote areas through its proprietary video conferencing and collaboration platform.

Meet the team

We are a diverse group of passionate and creative young professionals eager to transform modern education with technology.

We are small but mighty.

We prioritize
work-life balance and work from a beautiful office alongside the Chicago Riverwalk.

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