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Your Enterprise-Level Virtual Classroom

Online video & collaborative whiteboard, integrated for education organizations.

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Trusted by educators from 2000+ schools & districts worldwide

Endorsed by leaders
in tutoring

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Educate, Innovate, Elevate

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 Intelligent Insights

Empower your instructors with data. Track attendance, assessment results, and usage, all at a glance. 

Easy Integration

Get started in hours with our flexible API. Our white-labled virtual classroom embeds into any platform.

Check out the API

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Organized Materials

Centralize your teaching materials and automatically record every class

Engaging Tools

Delight your students with our suite of interactive teaching tools and rewards. Watch their participation and satisfaction soar.

Learn more about HiLink Virtual Classroom

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Global Access,

trusted in 129 countries.

Open API,

fast integration.


no download needed.

Superior Stability,

99.99% uptime.

  • Do I need to install anything to use HiLink Virtual Classroom?
    Not at all. HiLink Virtual Classroom is web-based, meaning there's no need for additional software installations for your instructors and learners.
  • What browser do I need to use HiLink Virtual Classroom?
    HiLink Virtual Classroom runs on any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari (iOS 10+), or Edge. We recommend using the latest version of Chrome or other browsers for the best experience.
  • How does the billing process work for HiLink Virtual Classroom?
    We bill based on your total minutes of virtual classroom usage. Volume discounts are provided depending on the extent of usage.
  • Can I get a quote for the HiLink Virtual Classroom?
    Each organization's requirements are unique, so we offer tailored solutions for our business clients. Schedule a demo with us to discuss your needs, and we will provide a personalized quote.
  • How can I experience the classroom firsthand?
    Schedule a product demo call and we'll be happy to provide a test account valid for 7 days for you to explore the platform.
  • Where can I find the API documentation?
    You can view our API documentation at
  • Is HiLink Virtual Classroom compatible with mobile and tablet devices?
    Yes, our classroom adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices. Please note, however, that screen sharing isn't supported on these devices due to firmware limitations. All other functionalities are fully supported.
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