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New: Bring closeness back to distance learning with HiLink breakout rooms

We all know that learning environments have had to evolve rapidly, and remote classrooms are now a new norm. Valuable face-to-face interaction replaced by communication via screen may leave some students feeling secluded and less excited to learn. That's precisely why we're so excited to announce our new breakout room feature, designed to bring you the best parts of in-person group work to online learning.

Keep reading if you're ready to explore HiLink's latest platform innovation.

1. Give students a mirrored in-person experience

We understand how important physical proximity is for effective student collaboration. With our breakout rooms, students engage in discussions in a layout similar to what they might experience in the traditional classroom. Student icons are arranged in a round table set-up with the ability to see each other on screen.

Our breakout rooms also allow for movement, exactly as a real classroom would. Students (as well as the teacher) can move from group to group as necessary when rooms are unlocked. But if you’re looking to make sure students stay focused and on task, rooms can be locked so that students from outside groups can’t enter. These familiar arrangements can help students adjust to their virtual situation and encourage them to engage as they typically would.

Give students a mirrored in-person experience

2. Present without disrupting your flow

Teachers have full control of the presentation stage. You can assign presentation rights to any designated group so they may share screen with the whole class. The presenting group is pinned so that everyone can see them on camera as they share. From there, once the presentation is over, teachers can simply switch presenting groups as they see fit.

Students may easily present group materials to the rest of the class from their assigned room. In a standard breakout room, in order to present or screen share, users must exit their room and return to the main class. But with HiLink, students have the ability to thoughtfully share findings at the “head” of the class while their peers watch from their own designated groups. No exits necessary.

Present without disrupting your flow

3. Streamline the process of assigning groups

Our breakout rooms give teachers full control over their classroom experience. When it comes to assigning groups, we give you two options: auto assign, where we randomly select and place students into a room, or teacher create, where you make the decision on who’s placed where. Have students working on a project that spans multiple class periods? Easily place students exactly where you want them during each class. Want to get students talking and familiar with their peers? Let HiLink decide! We’ve simplified the process because virtual teaching doesn’t need to be complicated.

Streamline the process of assigning groups

Let HiLink improve your virtual classroom experience!

We’re excited for you to explore our platform! If you’d like to learn more about our breakout rooms, other platform features, and start testing them out, sign up to be one of the first to use HiLink — completely free!

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