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Limited time only: Get HiLink premium for FREE!

The moment is here! It’s time to create your free HiLink account.

Starting today, the HiLink virtual classroom is open to use for free for a limited time. Educators can now access the full suite of features within HiLink.

You can test out this state-of-the-art virtual classroom free with your students and decide if it’s right for you. Discover how HiLink makes online education easier for teachers and tutors, as well as your students. Sign up for free today.

Enjoy your new online classroom!

Why educators love HiLink

HiLink is an online teaching platform built specifically for education.

Many generic video conferencing platforms, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, are not built for online tutoring. HiLink is.

Teachers who get stuck using a business conferencing platform for their online classroom often run into problems.

Issues with tutoring on a generic virtual platform include:

Because we designed the HiLink virtual classroom for educational purposes, our platform improves learning outcomes and the overall virtual classroom experience.

3 main benefits of the HiLink platform

When we designed HiLink, we set out to solve the major pain points that educators and students experience in online education. With that goal in mind, HiLink has created three key benefits for our users:

1. Boost student engagement and group collaboration

HiLink provides engagement tools designed for education to help students collaborate better with both their peers and you as their tutor in the virtual setting.

Our virtual breakout rooms solve many of the challenges that tutors find when using generic online conference tools. HiLink offers a better virtual group-work experience, partly because students and tutors can “see” students sitting together at different virtual tables, mirroring a physical classroom setting.

HiLink breakout rooms

The interactive virtual whiteboard is another HiLink tool that improves student engagement and class collaboration for our users. It has a built-in graphing calculator, so math tutors can teach advanced concepts online.

HiLink collaborative whiteboard: math class

2. Improve efficiency in teaching and learning

HiLink is more than just an online conference platform! We've built-in learning management features for teachers to use absolutely free, along with the virtual classroom.

The learning management features in HiLink can help improve efficiencies in your day-to-day classes, saving you time and hassle, and also making your class time more valuable and engaging for students.

Top learning management features of HiLink include:

  • Built-in calendar and to-do list, posted clearly on your dashboard page for easy organizing

  • Class reminders for students, including automatic notifications sent before class begins, and optional in-class email notifications sent in one click to students who don't show up to tutor sessions

Send out in-class reminders in one click
  • Cloud access to your files, such as class materials and class recordings, so study can continue after class and no student gets left behind

3. Simplify remote learning for tutors and students

We designed HiLink to make online learning simple – not harder. Every aspect of the web-based platform is built for intuitive use by students of all ages, and tutors everywhere, regardless of your technical background.

HiLink isn't complicated. When you're ready to start a class session, you'll open your online account and click a single button to begin class.

The platform's user-friendly interface also helps you manage your courses and students, lesson materials, and more.

FAQ about using the HiLink virtual classroom free

1. Do I need a credit card to sign up for a free trial?

No! HiLink’s limited-time free trial is absolutely free, and no credit card information is required to create your account.

2. How long can I use HiLink for free?

Access to our premium features will be free until our public access trial is over (expiration date still to be determined). When the free trial period ends, we will add a few restrictions to free subscriptions, making it a basic free plan while adding an optional paid upgrade plan.

At that time, existing users can choose either to stick to the free plan (with a limited 25 students in each class and limited cloud usage) or to upgrade to the paid pro plan with more flexibility. Our basic free subscription will have no expiration time.

We will send email notifications to all users in advance to keep you updated about these changes.

3. How many students can I invite?

There is no limit to the total number of students you can add to your free HiLink account.

4. How long can my classes be?

No restriction on class length at this moment.

After the free trial period ends, standard class sessions last up to 45 minutes per class. Longer class times are available if needed.

5. Does HiLink let me record classes and store files?

Yes! Our free cloud storage feature gives every educator 1 GB of cloud storage to upload PPT, PDF, and MP4 files for quick access during class. (Paid plans will include extra cloud storage space when we introduce this option at a later date.)

Your account also gives you a whopping 600 minutes of class recording time. Easily record your lessons for any reason, whether to prerecord class videos for students or record live classes for students to review later.

Plus, HiLink has a built-in media player, so you can show students media files with the click of a button — way easier than traditional screen sharing.

6. I'm tutoring for different organizations. Do I need to create multiple HiLink accounts to switch around my different organizations?

No, tutors can conveniently access multiple organizations through a single HiLink account. You will receive separate HiLink invitations from the various admins at your different organizations. Once joining each organization in HiLink, you’ll be able to switch between them in the HiLink interface using your single HiLink login.

Switch around different organizations with ease

7. I'm finding a virtual teaching solution for my organization. Does HiLink support my needs?

If you have a school or other larger educational organization that needs an online learning platform, HiLink was designed with your needs in mind. Contact our experts, who will show you the best solution for your institution.

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