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HiLink partners with DuShang Art School to revolutionize art education

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

HiLink, an EdTech company committed to elevating students’ learning experience, and DuShang Art School, one of the biggest art institutions in Northern China, are partnering to do something revolutionary in the world of art education.

DuShang Art School will make use of HiLink’s HiClassroom Platform. DuShang has previously used HiClassroom across four campuses, and after immense success, it is going to implement it across all seventeen.

OMO is the cross between online and traditional learning. Students get to meet in person to interact with learning materials, socialize, and have fun. But they also get the advantages of having an online education, such as flexibility and personalization.

HiLink has built a successful online platform for students to successfully learn on. And now, students at DuShang Art School will be able to connect with renowned art instructors through the live-streaming feature.

Many opportunities that weren’t possible before are now possible. Respectable instructors who live across the world can educate these children and give them the best education possible.

Due to HiClassroom’s intuitive UI, instructors and DuShang staff have a great understanding of HiLink’s platform. Every aspect of the platform is easy to understand. However, HiLink’s staff will always be there for tech support.

How HiClassroom is Paving the Way for Success

The HiClassroom platform was chosen for its stability, effectiveness, and ease of use.

HiClassroom is suitable for different subjects, and the future of it looks exciting. HiClassroom has an array of teaching tools, meeting various needs in the teaching process of different disciplines. The platform is connected to the cloud, so it can allow teachers to access teaching materials easily. When teachers use HiClassroom, they have the power to create engaging and collaborative lessons online.

Students have already been to explore their imagination and create art:

DuShang’s Appraise for HiClassroom

HiLink is thrilled to have been able to help DuShang with its goals. But more importantly, the students over at DuShang Art School now have access to a new method of education.

So far, both students and teachers have found great success in HiClassroom. The platform has helped students learn at a faster and more personalized pace due to the unique hybrid model. Educators are able to utilize the best aspects of both online and traditional education.

It looks like HiLink and DuShang have a bright future together. HiLink’s mission has been the same since its founding: to empower stakeholders in the education system with advanced technology.

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