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Top ways to improve efficiency in online tutoring

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Are you an online tutor looking to become more efficient in teaching your students? Whether you’re a remote tutor or an online teacher, there are strategies that can help you deliver quality lessons more quickly and effectively. Let’s explore some of these methods for improving efficiency in online tutoring. With these tips, you can make the most of your online tutoring sessions.

Top Ways to Improve Efficiency in Online Tutoring

Why is Efficiency Important in Online Tutoring?

Online tutors are often hired for their ability to work with students from different parts of the globe at any given moment. As such, when tutoring online, you need to be efficient to keep up with the demands of the job. You should also communicate effectively with your students via email or chat, so they can get help when they have questions.

To help you do that, here are our top four tips for making online tutoring more effective and efficient.

4 Tips to Increase Efficiency in Online Tutoring

Online tutoring can be a great way to supplement classroom learning. It can also be challenging to maximize the efficiency of the learning process. So here are some tips to help you become more efficient when tutoring online:

1. Start each tutoring session with a plan

Know what you want to accomplish in each online tutoring session, and make sure your student is on the same page.

You can do this in several ways:

One of the most effective methods for planning a tutoring session is using a backward design. This is when tutors start with the end goal before creating any lesson plans or materials. It helps ensure that all activities focus on helping your student reach the desired outcome without wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

Set clear objectives for each session by outlining goals, assigning tasks or homework assignments if necessary, and breaking down complex topics into smaller chunks that are easier for your student to understand.

Also, be sure to leave ample time at the end of each session for questions or clarifications from your student. This will help ensure that they fully understand all topics covered before moving on to the next one.

Once you've set up a plan, stick to it. Stay caught up on goals and maintain focus during lessons.

2. Use technology to your advantage

Taking advantage of technology is one of the most important tips for improving efficiency in online tutoring. This means finding ways to use tools like video conferencing, screen-sharing, and digital whiteboards. These technologies can allow you to better connect with and engage your students while streamlining the teaching process.

For example, instead of sending multiple emails back and forth, you can send your student a link to a shared document where they can add their work in real-time.

Another way to use technology is by taking advantage of collaborative learning platforms like the HiLink virtual classroom. HiLink, for example, allows online tutors to quickly set up their tutoring sessions and get started with various interactive features. With its rich features, HiLink will enable you to upload content easily, host live video sessions, record lessons for students to watch later, and share files directly through the online platform.

One more way to improve the efficiency of your online tutoring sessions is to use a tablet and recommend that your students use a tablet themselves when attending a session.

According to a study on which devices are most effective in online tutoring, “tutors who used a laptop or desktop felt less positive about online tutoring. On the other hand, devices that made drawing on-screen easy saw an increase in efficiency ratings. Tablets were seen to be the most successful – with 80% of tablet users indicating they found online tutoring effective.”

3. Give students as much flexibility as possible

The more ways your student can get in touch with you and take advantage of your tutoring services, the more potential they have for progressing at a faster pace. There are a few strategies you can use to increase the flexibility of your tutoring program:

Record sessions for students to review anytime

Lesson recordings are one of the greatest benefits that come with online tutoring. If you don’t already offer this to your students, you can effectively improve the efficiency of your tutoring program by starting to record each tutoring session and allowing students to access those videos anytime they want to review a topic.

Students can answer questions on their own without waiting for you to reply, manage their own study schedule outside of their scheduled tutoring hours, and get more out of the tutoring program overall.

Take breaks as needed during tutoring sessions

If either you or your student starts to feel overwhelmed during a session, take a few minutes to relax and regroup. Tutoring efficiently doesn’t have to mean powering through and neglecting anyone’s basic needs. Besides, it takes time to learn new material, so you can’t expect miracles overnight anyway. This flexibility in your sessions will help students stay engaged long-term, feeling comfortable and confident when attending your tutoring program.

Offer additional tutoring sessions during exam times

Students who have exams coming up soon may want extra tutoring help around this time. Rather than waiting for them to ask you to fit them into your schedule on a whim, you can maintain an efficient schedule for yourself and your students by preparing ahead of time for these increases in demand.

Stay aware of any important exams that your students need to study for. Instead of waiting for them to ask, proactively ask them if they would like to schedule additional tutoring time with you for exam preparation.

4. Follow up and give students feedback

Give your students immediate feedback on any activities or assignments, so they can understand right in the moment how to improve. For example, if you find something wrong with their answer to a question, highlight it and explain why it was incorrect. If you notice that your student doesn't understand a concept, point out the mistake and provide additional resources.

And when a session ends, send a summary of what you covered and any homework assignments, so that both you and your student can keep track of progress. By offering this process of immediate feedback, your student can more efficiently learn new concepts without getting lost in time gaps.

Main takeaway: Get organized and leverage tech to tutor more efficiently

Online tutoring can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be very time-consuming if it's not done efficiently. By understanding how preparation and technology can help improve efficiency, you can ensure your online tutoring sessions are as efficient as possible while still being enjoyable for everyone involved.

Combine your virtual classroom with our other tips for improving efficiency in online tutoring, and you’ll be well-equipped with everything you need to provide successful lessons in less time.

Features such as video chat, whiteboard collaboration, virtual desktops, and real-time file sharing allow tutors to quickly and easily set up an efficient online tutoring program.

Do you need a high-quality online teaching platform where you can host your tutoring sessions? Try the HiLink virtual classroom free today!

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