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June 2024 HiLink Virtual Classroom Product Release Notes

We are excited to bring you the latest enhancements to the HiLink Virtual Classroom, designed to improve your virtual teaching and learning experience. Here’s what’s new and updated in June:

Screen Share Full Screen/Zoom-in

Easily toggle between full screen, zoom in, and zoom out during screen shares to adapt the viewing experience to your needs. Ensure all participants can clearly see shared content.

Full Screen/Zoom Capabilities in Screen Share
Full Screen/Zoom Capabilities in Screen Share

Mobile Classroom Layout

Optimizes the responsive interface for mobile users, ensuring maximum usage of whiteboard and video windows for a seamless learning experience on the go.

Mobile Classroom Enhancement
Mobile Classroom Enhancement

Chrome Browser Update Alerts

New pop-up recommendations before you start a meeting flag essential Chrome browser updates, helping ensure optimal performance and compatibility for both teachers and students.

Real-Time Callback for 'End Class for All' Event

Organizations can now receive real-time notifications when a class concludes, streamlining time management and transitions.

Check our updated documentation for detailed information.

In-Class PDF Upload Enhancement

Uploading PDFs under 10MB is now quicker and produces crisper results. High-quality educational materials are readily available with just a few clicks.


These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a superior virtual learning environment. We value your feedback and are dedicated to continuously improving your experience with HiLink Virtual Classroom.

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