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February & March 2024 HiLink Virtual Classroom Product Release Notes

Updated: Apr 3

April brings more than just spring flowers – check out the latest blooms in HiLink Virtual Classroom!

Pre-filled Quiz API 

Introducing the HiLink Quiz API, allowing seamless integration of pre-made quizzes into your classes.

Check our updated documentation for detailed information.

HiLink Pre-filled Quiz API 
Pre-filled Quiz API 

HiLink Virtual Classroom Reactions 

Elevate engagement and interaction with our innovative Classroom Reaction feature, enabling non-verbal feedback in virtual sessions. 🎉 

Bring a sense of joy to the class and increase student participation!

HiLink Virtual Classroom Reactions
Classroom Reactions 

Knowledge Base Access in Classroom

Guidance at your fingertips. 🔍 Classroom settings now include direct access to our knowledge base — smoother experiences start with instant answers.

HiLink Knowledge Base Access in Classroom
Knowledge Base Access in Classroom

Expanded Classroom Capacity 

Now supporting larger class sizes of 35+ participants with simultaneous audio and video engagement.

Webhooks: Recording Start & End Events

Real-time callbacks for recording start and end events are now part of our platform.

Check our updated documentation for detailed information.

🔧 Classroom Enhancements

  • Recording Enhancement - Capture up to 10 participants in recordings for a more comprehensive class review. 

  • Waiting Room Upgrade - Waiting rooms are now integrated into the Device Settings page. Students can adjust the camera, microphone, etc., while awaiting entry.


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