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HiLink and Huang YiCong Foundation work to promote educational opportunities

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

This summer, HiLink partnered with Huang YiCong Foundation to design an English workshop and provide technical support for the Foundation’s annual summer camp.

Being passionate about education is a value that both organizations share. HiLink and Huang YiCong Foundation got to work on something very special together.

About Huang YiCong Foundation

Huang YiCong Foundation is a nonprofit organization that’s focused on bringing equality to all areas of China. This includes granting families access to educational tools and resources.

The Foundation has been supporting many groups since 2006. Some of those being the elderly, the disabled, youth groups, and the disadvantaged. The foundation assists in upholding the quality of education across China. While doing this, they support scientific research, environmental protection, and medical treatment.

Every summer, Huang YiCong Foundation hosts a summer camp for students across China. The summer camp aims to encourage high school students in remote areas to pursue their future dreams by building their capacity outside of the school curriculum.

This year, 21 high school students from different regions of China were invited to the summer camp. The students had the opportunity to visit Shanghai for 12 days, with 3 of those days being an English workshop.

HiLink and Huang YiCong Foundation

Huang YiCong Foundation entrusted HiLink with organizing the three-day-long English workshop.

HiLink designed courses and activities for the students to improve their English and expand their minds to new cultures. Students had the chance to learn about the English language through engaging activities such as lectures, games, discussions, short films, and even dance.

Another value that HiLink and Huang YiCong Foundation share is protecting the environment. Students simulated the United Nations Environmental Programme on the final day of the workshop. They gave presentations in English as UNEP goodwill ambassadors. Powerful presentations about the Earth and its environment got students engaged and passionate about both English and environmental protection.

Throughout the workshop, students were interacting with the online learning platform developed by HiLink. The platform combines aspects of both traditional and online learning. This resulted in an optimized learning experience for the students and a modern classroom atmosphere.

The workshop turned out to be a success. Students improved their English and got a chance to experience new cultures. They learned about the environment and how to put together a presentation in a different language.

They were generous enough to share their feelings regarding the workshop.

“Through the English camp, I learned about the customs of various places and understood that every country and nation has its own customs. We should respect the culture of various places,” says one student.

Another student stated, “In English class, I have more courage to speak and actively communicate with others in English.”

Moving Forward

This isn’t the first time HiLink has worked with Huang Yi Cong Foundation. HiLink and the Foundation brought HiLink's online teaching platform to Quanzhou YiCong High School in the Fujian Province. Students there have been improving their oral English and knowledge of western culture with engaging activities over the past year.

With a shared goal of bringing educational equality everywhere, HiLink and Huang Yi Cong Foundation will continue to work together in order to bring high-quality educational opportunities to more students.

HiLink is a link between students and modern education, and having partners to promote the mission of educational equality will always result in good things for students.

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