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Cute virtual Easter activities for your classroom!

Winter is coming to an end, and spring is in the air. Expect some April showers, flowers, and, best of all, Easter!

With the school year slowly ending, it might be harder to keep your younger students focused. Easter is an excellent opportunity to engage them with some fun activities. Whether it be for a virtual, in-person, or hybrid classroom, here are some children's activities that are perfect for remote learning!

Cute virtual Easter activities for your classroom!

"I-spy" easter egg hunt

An easter egg hunt is a quintessential easter celebration for the kids. Moving the search online does not have to be super complicated. For a quick fix, hide your bright-colored eggs in a visible room area, such as a chair or table, and snap a photo.

Share your screen with the photo during class or upload it to a whiteboard where students can annotate and mark your image to circle the eggs they find in this I-spy game.

You could even take turns having your students "hide" their eggs, then take a picture to share it with their classmates to see who finds the most eggs. This can help students to hone their digital literacy.

Easter egg painting

Like easter egg hunts, decorating Easter eggs is a tradition. There are several ways to adapt the tradition for your virtual classroom.

  • Use the digital whiteboard on your virtual platform to allow your class to digitally decorate a group of Easter eggs, or have your students all decorate one big egg!

  • Email or mail some coloring pages to your students to decorate manually.

  • If you are able to, send paper mache or plastic eggs, along with decorating tools, such as paint, paintbrushes, glitter, gems, etc.

Easter egg painting using HiLink digital whiteboard

Virtual easter egg hunt games

Conducting an Easter egg hunt virtually while keeping your students engaged can be tricky, but this can also allow you to incorporate more gamified educational tricks.

Check out this Plan an Easter egg hunt game to help students improve their math, reading, writing, and creative skills. For their math and literacy skills, have them help the Easter Bunny find his lost eggs with this virtual Easter digital escape room.

Virtual easter egg hunt games

Virtual easter scavenger hunt

Like an Easter egg hunt, a scavenger hunt sends players searching, but this time it will be inside their own house. For the holiday, have your student scout for objects related to Easter. Timing your students to find everything can work even better to keep your kids excited and engaged.

Here is an example of some Spring or Easter-related objects you can have them search for:

  • Carrots

  • An egg

  • Jellybeans

  • Rubber ducky

  • Anything with a picture of a bunny or rabbit

  • A basket

  • An umbrella

  • A flower

To turn it into a group activity, divide your students into teams to hunt down their items and have them show their items on camera, and tally up which team found the most objects!

Chubby bunny

This feel-good game requires your students to have some marshmallows at hand. Students must place a marshmallow in their mouth for this game and say, "chubby bunny." Every round, each student adds one marshmallow and repeats the phrase. When a player cannot fit any more marshmallows, they are out. Repeat until only one player remains, or you run out of marshmallows.

This can be a cute memory of your students acting silly, so be sure to record their reactions if they are ok with it!

Easter Charades

Charades give your students to practice their communication skills. Play an Easter rendition of the game. Find some inspiration for easter-charade questions here, or come up with your own.

Easter Bingo

Everyone enjoys a fun game of bingo, and transferring it to your virtual classroom is a piece of cake. Email or attach these Easter bingo cards in a message to your students!

Pro-tip, jelly beans make great markers for your bingo cards.

Surprise Eggs

If you're looking to help your younger students feel more comfortable using technology, the Surprise Eggs app is their game. To play, simply use your fingers to scrape the paper off and break the chocolate egg, then tap the egg yolk to get a surprise! The game has tons of eggs that contain mystery objects, including everything from animals to princesses.

Surprise Eggs app

Easter animal workout

If your kids are getting restless and could use some exercise, this Easter Animal workout can work its magic. Every action corresponds to an Easter or spring animal in this fitness activity.

These are some examples you can use:

  • Hop like a bunny.

  • Eat carrots like a bunny.

  • Walk and peck like a chicken.

  • Walk and say "baa" like a sheep

  • Waddle and quack like a duck


These are just a few ideas for engaging your kids remotely! Easter is just one of many holidays that we can celebrate using fun, user-friendly digital tools. With newer advancements in EdTech, the potential for remote activities is limitless. Have a happy Easter!

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