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Startup Success: Teorem’s Rapid Growth Powered by HiLink Virtual Classroom

“At Teorem, our unwavering mission is to revolutionize education by providing accessible, high-quality online tutoring to students worldwide.”

CEO of Teorem


Year founded:



London, UK

Class size:

1 on 1 classes

We're most impressed by HiLink's proactive and collaborative approach, where we all ultimately want to create a better product for the end consumer. ”


CEO of Teorem


2-Day Integration

High Student Satisfaction

50% Cost Reduction

Insightful Data Dashboard


Teorem embarked on its journey with a clear mission: to revolutionize education by providing accessible, high-quality online tutoring to students worldwide. As a startup, Teorem faced the common challenges of limited time and engineering resources. The team was in search of a virtual classroom solution that could connect tutors and students efficiently and cost-effectively to quickly launch their business. Finding such a solution would allow them to avoid the time-consuming and costly process of developing their own technology from scratch. 

In our early stages, we urgently needed a solution that would free up our time to focus on other vital aspects of the customer experience and quickly bring our vision to life." 

Teorem explored everything from traditional white-label solutions to meeting platforms like Zoom or Teams. However, each option presented its own set of challenges, leaving Teorem searching for an alternative that met their criteria for simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability, thereby ensuring the high quality of their educational offerings.


In their quest for the right partner, Teorem discovered HiLink: a modern, feature-rich virtual classroom solution that stood out for its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and rich functionality. "HiLink mirrored our new and innovative mission for tutoring," Teorem's CEO remarked. 
Teorem experienced a remarkably swift and straightforward integration process with HiLink, achieving
full setup in just two days. Unlike basic videoconferencing platforms, HiLink Virtual Classroom comes equipped with an array of engaging teaching tools designed to enhance the learning experience, ensuring that classes are not just meetings, but dynamic and interactive sessions. 

Teorem's CEO highlighted the significance of reliable support in their selection process, stating,

Throughout our decision-making process, we were focused on picking a provider that not only offered favorable terms but also guaranteed support in case anything went wrong."

HiLink stood out by offering guaranteed client support, ensuring that Teorem would have the backing they needed at all times.

Furthermore, HiLink’s collaborative approach deeply impressed Teorem. The opportunity for direct dialogue with the HiLink team and the ability to influence the virtual classroom's development based on actual user feedback made HiLink not just a service provider but a partner in innovation. 'We're most impressed by HiLink's proactive and collaborative approach, aiming together to create a better product for the end user,' Teorem's CEO reflected. 

This unique blend of technological innovation, dedicated support, and a partnership-driven approach not only provided Teorem with the ideal solution for their immediate needs but also laid the groundwork for a relationship that would support their growth and evolution

"The biggest benefit (of working with HiLink), was the peace of mind knowing that the whiteboard and the entire virtual classroom experience would function perfectly.”

Teorem CEO_Headshot.png


CEO of Teorem

What's next

Language Expansion: Aiming to broaden accessibility by introducing the platform in various European languages, catering to Teorem’s diverse audience.

Market Expansion: With plans to venture into the US market, Teorem will continue to rely on HiLink as its cornerstone for delivering reliable virtual classroom solutions.

Feature Enhancement: Interest in adopting additional features, including HiLink’s AI Exercise Generator, to further enrich the educational experience.

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