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Tech Education Transformation:
SV Camp Enhances Learning and Streamlines Operations with HiLink

“Integrating HiLink has dramatically reduced our administrative workload and transformed how we manage our educational offerings.”

Chief Education Office at SV Camp


Year founded:



California, United States

Class size:

1 on 1 career coaching and career boot camps

SV Camp, founded by tech industry veterans, is dedicated to closing the skills gap in the tech sector by providing online career coaching and professional development. In partnership with industry giants like Apple, Meta, and Google, SV Camp prepares new graduates for the workforce by enhancing their technical skills and professional acumen through practical, industry-aligned courses designed for direct application in the real-world.

Impacts and Outcomes

Operational Efficiency Boosted by 50%

The integration of HiLink has halved the time required to manage the logistical complexities of diverse and numerous educational sessions, significantly easing the administrative workload.

Enhanced Educational Experience

HiLink's tools have transformed classroom interactions, creating an engaging learning environment that has improved student satisfaction and educational effectiveness.


Management Workload

Managing a large volume of courses and student engagements presented significant logistical challenges.

Specialized Classroom Needs

Required a virtual classroom solution that could cater to specific tech disciplines, particularly data science and software development, which standard platforms could not adequately support.

Resource Constraints

SV Camp needed to deploy an extensive educational platform quickly and without the substantial resource investment typically required to build such systems from the ground up.

“Integrating HiLink has dramatically reduced our administrative workload and transformed how we manage our educational offerings.”


Head of Education at SV Camp


Integrated Platform

HiLink provided a seamless blend of virtual classroom and learning management system tailored to SV Camp’s unique requirements.

Customized Tech Education Tools

Understanding the unique demands of data science and software development, HiLink equipped SV Camp with specialized tools like code editor, interactive screen sharing, and robust whiteboard, crucial for hands-on tech education.

Efficient Course Management and Recording

Advanced scheduling systems and automatic recording features not only simplified administrative tasks but also ensured detailed tracking and accountability of educational delivery.

“The powerful teaching tools of HiLink create an environment conducive to learning and interaction, closely mirroring the dynamic seen in many university settings.”


Data Science Lead Educator at SV Camp

What's next

Deeper System Integration: Plans are underway to integrate HiLink more closely into SV Camp’s main website, creating a single access point for all educational activities and enhancing user experience.

Adapting to Growth: As SV Camp expands, it aims to include group classes and varied educational formats, leveraging HiLink’s adaptable features to accommodate growing educational demands.

“We are particularly excited about our future plans to fully integrate HiLink with our main platform, which will streamline our operations even further and provide a seamless experience for our users.”


Chief Education Office at SV Camp

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