A platform built for teaching and learning

Modern teaching tools at teachers' fingertips create an engaging and fun learning experience.


Virtual classroom

Ideas, coincide

Optimized classroom interactions

Take control of your teaching using our interactive tools (quizzes, polls, whiteboards) and your user management panel.

Focus on what matters

Invite students to be co-presenters so everyone can see them better on the virtual stage, just like in a real classroom.

Uninterrupted learning

Access PPT, PDF, MP4 files with a cloud-based media player — much faster than screen sharing — and enable class chat for students, only when needed.

Learning management system

Materials, organized

Less time wasted, more done

With a user-friendly interface, create announcements and turn your syllabus into modules (assignments, assessments, discussions, quizzes, etc.) with just a few clicks.

Flexible, asynchronous learning

Give students everything they need, whenever they need it. Empower them to learn at their own pace and collaborate even on the go.

Know your students better

Keep track of learning analytics so you know how to improve instructional content and design personalized coaching programs.

Communication, simplified

Communication that doesn’t lag because of distance

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In-class chat

Instant meeting



Administration, streamlined

Build your own professional brand and integrated management system


Custom branding

Make the platform yours - choose a branding theme, add your own logo, and turn features on and off based on your needs.

Minimal training needed

The most intuitive and user-friendly design yet. Let administrators and educators spend time helping students, not setting up software.

Maximal operational efficiency

Simplify user and course administration with automatic account creation and management, as well as having all your important apps in one place.

Enterprise-grade security and support

We use a stable global cloud architecture that ensures stability and 99.99% uptime. Our customer support is always standing by, ready to help you when you need it.

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