School administrators: the best LMS and virtual learning platform for you

Updated: Mar 29

In our last post, we introduced our LMS and how, with our centralized design, it can work to help reduce the administrative burdens brought on when managing education. This is great news for teachers seeking an easier way to manage and organize their classes, having the option to switch between in-person and virtual learning at a moment's notice.

School administrators, on the other hand, have some additional concerns when choosing the right LMS and EdTech tools to best suit their needs. Of course, our virtual classroom is where learning happens, serving as the essential touchstone of education. However, many outside the education industry may not realize that conducting effective lessons requires a lot more planning and organizing. Fortunately, with many former educators on the HiLink team, we took into consideration the issues that many on the administrative side of education have with their current LMS.

In this article, we will discuss some of these administrative challenges and how HiLink Platform LMS is working to ease the burden on school administrators.

School administrators: the best LMS and virtual learning platform for you

Easy to navigate with minimal training

When using an LMS, a school administrator has two primary responsibilities:

  1. To create and manage users (student, teacher, and other admin accounts)

  2. To create and manage courses

With HiLink's user-friendly interface, user creation and management can be easily created by manual input, email invite, or importing users from a spreadsheet file, as shown below.

HiLink Platform: User Creation

Once all your users are added, admins can create courses for their students and teachers by adding them to the course system, as shown below. We also added the course customization setting to fit your aesthetic – you may choose a theme color and a course cover from a predesigned library provided by HiLink.

HiLink Platform: Course Creation

The HiLink LMS platform has three types of courses: active courses, future courses, and past courses. If you have a recurring class for next semester, you can easily duplicate one of the past course modules to make it into a new course.

Besides creating and managing users and features, admin accounts also have access to other functions. These include payment management, the ability to notify all users with school-wide announcements, and more!

Reliability and stability

For an LMS that also functions as a virtual classroom, it is essential to have a reliable network to run your school or organization smoothly. That is why our platform is cloud-based with a global infrastructure. Essentially, this means that because our cloud infrastructure has data centers across the world, your courses, files, and other workloads will be able to run and upload onto your account smoothly, no matter where in the world you are located.

Additionally, HiLink's platform has a server uptime of 99.99%, meaning that 99.99% of the time, our software is running, fully functional, and will not crash.

Interested in HiLink's platform?

Want to know more about our product? Tomorrow, March 15, begins our Early Access Program, a limited-time free trial of our revamped virtual learning platform. Get the opportunity to explore our features as an administrator, teacher, or student user. Once registered, users can explore and see how easy it is to use our platform for themselves!

For more information, request a demo or contact us with any inquiries. We hope to see you!

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