New: Teach and manage like a pro with HiLink Platform LMS

Teach and manage like a pro with HiLink Platform LMS

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that school administrators, learning center directors, and IT specialists in the e-learning space are juggling the abrupt shift to distance learning just as much as the rest of the community. We often overlook the unique challenges that distance education administrators face, such as staffing issues, longer course planning cycles, and learning curves for educators – yes, administrators and teachers can have a long learning curve for EdTech tools, too.

That's why we designed the HiLink Platform with a robust Learning Management System (LMS) to help reduce the administrative burden and shorten the educator learning curve. After all, you choose to opt in to a new EdTech tool to let educators spend more time helping students not waste time setting up software, right?

In this article, we'll share how HiLink Platform LMS differs from other existing solutions and how you can increase work efficiency by better supporting your organization's educators with our newly developed LMS features.

Centralize learning materials for better class management

There’s no better way to make learning materials accessible to all end-users than to store them on a cloud-based drive. Having everything in one location makes it easy for anyone – whether a teacher, student, or admin – to pull a file from their devices of choice and collaborate even when they’re on the go. This feature is especially useful for asynchronous sessions and pre-recorded lectures.

💡 Pro tip: In virtual meetings, teachers can use the HiLink Media Player to quickly access and display pre-uploaded MP4, PDF, and PPT files.

Centralize learning materials for better class management

Improved user interface that everyone knows how to use

Some LMS solutions on the market are far too technical and difficult for the average user to understand. At HiLink, we know that too well – some of our product designers came from teaching backgrounds and are strong users of LMS. We have designed this version of HiLink Platform LMS to be the most user-friendly and versatile, with the goal that everyone can master the product functionality with minimal or no training.

💡 Pro tip: Teachers can conveniently create assessments (quizzes, exams), assignments, discussions, and broadcast class-wide announcements using the integrated LMS.

Improved user interface that everyone knows how to use

Tracking and analyzing student performance for more personalized coaching

Today, we are increasingly talking about the use of science-based, personalized learning to create opportunities that are uniquely tailored to the needs of individual students. We know how important it is for educators to track learner progress and ensure students are reaching their performance milestones. Therefore, we have designed a performance tracking and analysis system to help administrators and teachers do just that.

💡 Pro tip: Using HiLink Platform LMS, teachers and administrators can quickly access individual grades, classwork performance, and student attendance.

Tracking and analyzing student performance for more personalized coaching

Tell me more about the HiLink Platform!

If you’re interested in learning more about the HiLink Platform Interactive Virtual Classroom, you can find our recent feature release here. We’ll also write about the Admin Management System in an upcoming post. Stay tuned and follow our blog so you won’t miss it!

How do I try the HiLink Platform?

If you're excited about this improved and enhanced version of our HiLink Platform – great news for you! The Early Access Business Program will be available to enterprise users starting March 15.

Sign up today for a limited-time free trial and exclusive discounts. Successfully registered users can explore products at their own pace with provided demo accounts.

We can't wait to get in touch and show you more about the HiLink Platform!

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