Introducing Hilink Platform 2.0: education-specific video conferencing and collaboration software

Updated: Mar 29

As students and educators in all educational settings find ways to elevate the at-home learning experience amid COVID-19, the need for education-specific video conferencing tools is now more urgent than ever.

We at HiLink know that a class is not a conference. Interaction and collaboration between instructors and students happen every second during and, more importantly, after the call.

Through research, we found that traditional video conferencing tools — designed for real-time meetings — are not, on their own, effective in stimulating conversation, engagement, and student participation in virtual classrooms. Yet all of these factors are critical to a successful remote learning experience. And to help schools, educators, and students get that experience at an affordable price, we’re excited to announce HiLink Platform 2.0.

What is HiLink Platform 2.0?

HiLink Platform 2.0 is an easy-to-use all-in-one video conferencing and collaboration tool crafted for educational use. No matter your role in the education industry, you can use HiLink Platform 2.0 to:

  • help schools and learning centers improve budget efficiency and IT management

  • help students shorten their learning curves and increase in-class engagement

  • help educators focus on teaching and planning rather than troubleshooting

  • find everything you need in one platform: Learning Management System (LMS), video conferencing, in-app chat, and so much more

  • recreate the in-person learning experience online

Tools to elevate the educational experience

Building on the previous version, HiLink Platform 2.0 has been redesigned to enhance features that students and teachers said they love to use, such as the quick "Join" button.

In addition, we have added innovations such as the in-class chat, presentation mode, and instant meetings to help educators create a lively and practical online classroom through our platform.

Here are some key features of this release:

1. Join a class

The intuitive dashboard gives you a quick and easy overview of the day after logging in. Check out the to-do list, upcoming courses, announcements, class updates, and in-mail messages. Then simply click the "Join" button and show up to your next lecture.

2. Presentation mode

With presentation mode, instructors can designate one or more students to present their projects in class. Student presenters will receive instructor-equivalent control for features such as:

  • screen sharing (up to two screens at a time)

  • play a file

  • on-screen annotation

  • whiteboard

*Note that some of these are upcoming features currently in development.

3. Auto-saved lecture recording

Missed a note from the lecture? Don’t worry. Find the automatically saved recordings and other instructor-provided study materials on your course site.

A "Stop Recording" notification will appear to prevent the instructor from accidentally pressing the button and ending the recording.

4. Start an instant meeting

We know that conversations and collaborations don't end when a class ends. That’s why we’ve designed the instant meeting feature to allow students to make a quick call with instructors or classmates when needed.

Start a meeting and invite your guests using the auto-generated link. Participants can join the meeting upon entering their names.

How to get started?

Want to see a custom demo or have a question? Contact our sales experts today to explore how to customize HiLink Platform 2.0 to support the needs of your institution.

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