Announcing free trial for HiLink Platform: an upgraded virtual learning space

Updated: Apr 4

We’re happy to announce that the HiLink Platform will be available as a free trial for the business early access program. A limited-time free trial will be open for admin, teacher, and student users to test out core features of our latest release – including the in-class chat, interactive virtual classroom, group user creation and management, class management, and so on.

Many educators and IT executives expressed great interest and excitement about the pilot – and we’re thrilled to show you our product, too! We can’t wait to work with more schools, learning centers, and organizations to find ways to empower modern education and remote learning.

Read on to learn more about our product highlights and how to join the early access program.

1. Features to enhance student engagement

  • Presentation mode: A virtual stage is designed to give the spotlight to the teacher and student presenters during class

  • Meeting co-host: Invite student presenters to be the meeting co-hosts so you don't hear them asking, "Can I share my screen" over and over again.

  • Interactive in-class features: Use the cloud-based media player to pull an uploaded file from the course site within seconds; invite students to brainstorm ideas on a virtual whiteboard, or test their grasp of new class materials with a pop quiz

Features to enhance student engagement

2. Level up your management efficiency

Seamlessly create and manage your users (teachers, students, administrators, etc.) and courses using the HiLink Platform. We designed our product with a better user interface that makes it easy to navigate even without previous training.

Level up your management efficiency: user management

Level up your management efficiency: course management

3. Communicate anytime, with anyone

  • Chat moderation: Teachers can monitor the in-class chat with the ability to turn it on and off during lectures

  • Instant meeting: At any given time, users can initiate an instant meeting and send an automatically generated shareable link to any desired participant – be it classmates, teachers, parents, or school administrators.

Communicate anytime, with anyone

In an upcoming post, we'll dive into more details of the learning management systems (LMS) and administrator account. Stay tuned and follow our blog so you won’t miss any important updates!

What can I expect from the free trial?

Seeing is believing, they say. And we get it – nothing is more powerful than a functional and working product. That’s why we’re excited to open the demo accounts to let you try the HiLink Platform yourself. During the free trial, successfully registered organizations can expect:

  • Early access to the latest version before a public release

  • A customized product solution designed for your unique needs

  • An exclusive discount for a group user subscription

  • A dedicated product specialist to assist in exploring the platform

Hold on; I have some questions.

We collected a list of frequently asked questions about our product and the free trial, but we understand that you may have some different concerns. Don’t worry – when you sign up for the early access program, one of our business development specialists will reach out to discuss the next steps and answer any questions you have for us. But first, scroll down and see if we’ve responded to some of them.

Q: When is this happening?

A: Registered and approved clients will receive access to our latest product starting March 15. Make sure to sign up before the deadline to get an exclusive discount for group memberships.

Q: How long will the free trial last? And how many demo accounts can I sign up for?

A: Depending on the size of your organization and your specific needs, we will provide a limited number of accounts for you to explore the platform. Please let us know how many users you’d like to enroll the platform for in our registration form so one of our product specialists can better assist you when they reach out.

Q: What do I get in my trial membership? A: Everything! Unlimited. We will also create a dedicated log-in site just for your organization. Our product specialist will help you set up the accounts, send you a video tutorial, and stand by to answer any questions you have.

How can I join the waitlist?

The first and only thing you need to do is to head over to the registration page and sign up! That’s it. Takes less than a minute. But keep in mind that the number of our demo accounts is limited, so register today to guarantee a spot.

We look forward to getting in touch soon!

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