Connection starts here.

Everything you need to create engaging and collaborative classes online.

All the professional tools

Cloud-based platform

Real-time meetings

File management

Learning management

Admin solutions

Combined into a single organizing layer.

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meeting layout

Simple and focused.

Powerful instructional tools

Just as flexible as a real classroom.

Convenient meeting controls

Maximized interaction and collaboration.


messaging options

Chat or mail? your choice.

The right tools for the job.

Video conferencing and instructional tools designed especially for education to elevate teaching and learning experiences.

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Stress-free scheduling.
Across multiple time zones.

Smart calendar takes the stress out of scheduling classes and automatically adjusts class times based on your current time zone.

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Effortless and
blazingly fast connection.

Stable and uninterrupted learning experience, regardless of distance and location.



Take full control of your learning, before and after class.

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