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Public Relations Specialist 

HiLink Inc. is hiring a full-time Public Relations Specialist position.  

Job Duties: 

  • Identify company's advertising and promotions needs and targets, research Chinese market areas and plan PR strategies, as well as coordinate the implementation and execution of strategies; 

  • Direct and complete the design of promotion campaigns based on Chinese customers;  

  • Build relationships with Chinese-speaking customers, develop a content calendar for regular newsletters and recent events;  

  • Maintain company's website, WeChat, and other Chinese social media platforms, update content and monitor and refine to drive performance;  

  • Maintain relationships with third-party media and agencies, track Chinese media coverage and follow up with industry trends, and prepare Chinese-Social-Media based press releases and promotional materials;  

  • Direct and supervise customer representatives regarding communication with customers through email or phone calls, manage and solve PR issues;  

  • Analyzing web-trends data and setting up marketing promotions, continue to seek opportunities for business partnerships, sponsorships and advertising.  


Job Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communication, Social Science or a related field;

  • 2 Years’ experience as a public relations specialist, communication specialist, or related position;

  • Must have knowledge of Chinese, Japanese and other Asian countries’ education markets. 

Any applicant who is interested may submit resume w/code HiLink2022 to: HiLink Inc., 401 N Michigan Ave, Suite 750, Chicago, IL 60611. 

Job Criteria: 

  • Position Type: Full-Time Permanent 

  • Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree 

Contact Information: 

Contact Name: Fuchen Wu 

Company: HiLink Inc. 

City: Chicago 

State: Illinois 

Zip: 60611 

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