Our mission

We elevate people to become better versions of themselves.

We want to democratize education 
by making it available to everyone.
At an affordable cost.

It is a fundamental human right to be able to access
 fair and high-quality education. Our mission is to make sure everyone can exercise that right and prosper from the 
endless possibilities education can bring.

We don’t have a product philosophy.
Making exceptional products is our philosophy.

We build our products to preserve passion and curiosity. 
We want to nurture our students to become better communicators and problem solvers. We challenge the status quo and design our courses to give knowledge a context, 
 spark interests and imagination, and shape our students to become open-minded global citizens.

We turn this...

未命名作品 2.png

Into this...

We use empathy and technology to redefine modern education.
Frictionless learning starts with us.

We are not just teaching through a webcam. To expand
 what’s possible for learning, we develop and create our own modular course structures, beautifully illustrated learning materials, and engaging interactive exercises. We are dedicated to finding the best teachers for the job. We only select the 
top 7% of applicants and put them through rigorous training to ensure they understand the concept of our products and 
carry the spirit into their teaching. And we didn’t stop there. On top of all that, we provide a proprietary user platform, mobile apps, and 
hardware solutions to make sure our students are getting the quality and results they deserve.

We are a smart learning